I. Can’t.

I have tried to push forward without letting the pain paralyze me but what still haunts me in my dreams has now met me in the daylight hours. Continue reading I. Can’t.


The Birds, the Bees and Me

When I was a little girl, no older than seven, I asked my mama how babies were made. There was no need to ask where babies came from because by that time my parents had five children. Being the second of five, I had a clear idea that those babies grew inside my mommy; but how did they get there? My mama initially tried to answer the question with the standard responses: God blessed the family with the baby. Mommy and Daddy’s love for each other made the baby. I realized that in order to get the actual answer, I … Continue reading The Birds, the Bees and Me

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Hello world!

Don’t you love fresh starts? I know I do! I’m creating the life I want one moment at a time. By seeking love, truth, growth, and understanding, the landscape of my life has changed drastically over the last seven years. I have two incredible children. Am single after ending a painful and unhealthy marriage. Have reconnected with and made some awesome friends. I’m a full-time student studying English and Social Justice. I serve in my local and global community. And I have even opened up to the possibility of romantic love again. We all face so many daily challenges. It … Continue reading Hello world!