I’m not your typical mom. My path to motherhood was different from most. People often ask me questions about my family that I have no idea how to answer. As I hesitate, stutter, or vaguely respond, I’m sure they think I’m lying or crazy, maybe both! There is no simple answer to their questions, and frankly my response changes with my mood and the circumstances. You see, I have four children (8 if you count my icebabies-I’ll save that for another post). Two of my children died. I share custody of one of my children with my ex-husband. And according to the wonderful state of Louisiana, my oldest/youngest child is not mine at all. I have been trying to adopt him for the past 7 years. He is currently a ward of the state and lives between group homes and foster placements. So you can see why I stumble with questions about my family. Simply put, I have two amazing children whom I love more than these words could ever describe.

Renee reading “To Dignity or Not To Dignity”



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