When the world is literally falling apart around you it can seem impossible to stay happy and positive. Actually, it can even feel wrong. 

Let’s face it, survivor’s guilt is real. You may find yourself feeling relieved and grateful that you escaped the horrors of Hurricane Harvey. That same relief may turn into guilty feelings that you are okay while others are suffering. 

The urge to help everyone and fix everything may come over you. That is wonderful because help is truly needed right now. But before you start rallying the troops, make sure that you are emotionally ready to help someone else. What I am saying is: PUT ON YOUR OXYGEN MASK FIRST. Just like when there is an emergency on the plane. Before you can assist your neighbor, you must first make sure you have oxygen to breathe yourself. If not, you can both suffocate.

Emotional readiness means that you are not feeling anxious, worried, angry or even sad. Those emotions will be overflowing in the folks who experienced Harvey’s trauma. What they need most is level-headed, calm, empathetic, problem solvers. These last few days, I have been none of those!

It was time to shift my energy. To heal so that I may offer healing to others. My first steps in that healing was to let in fresh air, scrub my home from top to bottom, turn on the ceiling fans, mist lavender in the air, play some good music, and then sit back and accept my blessings. This storm, was not for me. There have been storms in the past, there will be storms in the future. But today…today, we are okay. 

And it is fine to be okay. 


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