I. Can’t.

I’m not doing Thanksgiving this year. I can’t. With everything that happened over the last year in our country, our world, our families…I just can’t do it.

This past year has been one of the most difficult years of my life. It was a year full of pain, betrayal, trauma, mourning, and very little healing and resolution. And it all began around Thanksgiving last year.

I have tried to push forward without letting the pain paralyze me but what still haunts me in my dreams has now met me in the daylight hours.

Enough is enough. I am taking my soul back from the thieves that stole pieces of my spirit over this last year.

There will be no traditional feast at my home this year. I am abstaining in protest. I am abstaining in solidarity. I am abstaining in love. I am abstaining in forgiveness.

I protest the privilege that stills allows us to ignore the extreme poverty of those right here in America who cannot afford a regular meal, let alone an extravagant one.

I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters at Standing Rock. I stand in solidarity with every family who lost a loved one to violence. I stand in solidarity with my people whom are separated from their incarcerated loved ones. I stand in solidarity with women everywhere as we continue to fight for our human rights. 

I extend love to those who are suffering. I extend love to the ones who are alone. I extend love to those who hate. I extend love to the ones who cannot love themselves.

I forgive myself for the mistakes and missteps I have made. I forgive the women who have turned their backs when their sisters needed them most. I forgive my country for never giving me a home. I forgive my father for not overcoming his flaws. I forgive my mother as she seeks to find her voice. I forgive my family although my wounds are still raw.

Just as the Indigenous Americans fought for their land and culture, I will continue to fight for mine. This Thanksgiving, I remember and salute my ancestors who were ripped from their families to work this stolen land. I salute the enslaved mothers who survived horrors-beyond what my privileged imagination can conceive-to protect their children. I salute the ones who are working to make this world a better place. Finally, I salute all the ones who dare to be true to what they deeply feel in their hearts. Happy Thanksgiving. #liveinlove



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